Inspired by minimalist and experimental artist/dancer/choreographer, Yvonne Rainer. In her project Hand Movie (1966) she explored the reduction of performance down to the essential, expressing the significance and beauty of everyday movements.

Therefore I chose to explore human relationships and their consistent contribution to our existence. Relationships being a repetitious experience shared by everyone, yet each individual relationship feeling infinitely different and unique. Hands being a unifying connection between us. This work attempting to express the emotions in certain space and times of a relationship, each frame suggesting the absence and presence between the two hands and what it implies. I have attempted to express the common ‘ebb and flow’ between humans and at times the greater extremities of, a ‘beginning and end’.

October 2015, Inkjet Print, 42.0 x 59.4cm

Featured in 'Space', the Academy of Design's 1st & 2nd Year Exhibition.